Adopt a Boston Terrier From a Shelter

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There are many myths associated with adopting a Boston Terrier from a shelter.  Here are five of them.

All Boston Terrier Shelter Dogs Have Major Behavioral Problems.

False, this is definitely a myth.  Many of these dogs are in the shelter because of their former owner’s ignorance.  I have adopted numerous shelter animals and have never any problems.

Of course the new shelter animal may be scared or excited.  This is normal (a shelter is a very stressful place for any dog) and will go away quickly when you show the new dog love and stability.  The rare dog with a major behavior problem will not be put for adoption.

All Boston Terrier Shelter Dogs Are Old

False. Shelters nearly always have a mix of both puppies and older dogs.

You Can’t Teach An Older Boston Terrier Shelter Dog New Tricks

False. Most older dogs respond well to consistency and persistence.  Be humane and patient in your training.  Scolding should be kept to a minimum and no animal should be swatted or hit.  Catch your dog doing the right thing and praise them lavishly.

All Shelter Dogs Are Mutts

False. Many shelters have purebred Boston Terrier dogs that have been surrendered by their owners.  And there are many specific breed rescue groups.  Examples of this include rescue groups for greyhounds, labs, and Boston terriers.

Adopting A Boston Terrier Shelter Dog Is Expensive

False. While it is true there are some costs incurred in adopting a Boston Terrier shelter animal, it is certainly cheaper than spending $250 – $2000 for a purebred dog.  The costs for adopting a shelter dog are usually just normal veterinarian costs such as spaying or neutering and vaccinations.  Costs vary for adopting a shelter animal of anywhere from $50 (for a female dog requiring spaying), $40 (for neutering a male dog), to $25 (for adopting a dog that has already been spayed or neutered.

Here is a DVD that will you bond with your new Boston Terrier.

And here is a book and DVD for more information about adopting a Boston Terrier from a shelter.

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