Adopt An Older Dog

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The pounds are full of older dogs that just need a loving home. They lost their home for a variety of reasons. Their masters died, couldn’t keep them because of a move, or perhaps the birth of a new baby. It isn’t the older dogs fault that they no longer have a home.

Adopt one and you won’t be sorry.

Look over your schedule. Do you have the time to housebreak yet another puppy? Most older dogs are already housebroken.

Look in your closet. Do you still have slippers or shoes with teeth marks from your last teething puppy? Older dogs don’t generally chew shoes and furniture and they already have all of their own teeth.

Examine your sleep schedule. Do you generally sleep through the night? Having a new puppy will definitely interrupt your sleep, while older dogs are generally more mellow and sleep better (and longer).

Take a look at the prospective new dog. The size of the adult dog is the real size that they will be. With a puppy you never really know. A small puppy may be a huge dog.

Take a close look at your furniture. Do you plan on allowing the new dog on the couch or chairs? Puppies are harder to train. An adult dog has already learned what the word “no” means.

Take a look at your schedule. Do you like to hike, camp, take a long walk on the beach? An adult dog loves these things. A puppy may jerk at their lead, pulling you this way and that – making a walk or camping trip a disaster.

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