Adopting a Shelter Dog

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Adopting a shelter dog may be one of the best decisions you have ever made.  You can often find an adult dog that will provide years of loyalty, companionship, and love.  An adult dog will generally be calmer, quieter, and may even be housebroken.

An adult shelter dog will be cheaper to take care of than a puppy.  Often the initial costs of adoptions are just spaying or neutering and a set of vaccinations.  Puppies often require repeated vaccinations, several collars (they outgrow them quickly), and numerous veterinarian visits (for worming, etc).

Adopting an adult shelter dog will have few size surprises.  You never really know exactly what size a puppy will be when fully grown.

Shelter dogs will often have beautiful temperaments, wanting to please you, wanting to become a part of their new family.

When going to the shelter, keep a few things in mind.  Don’t overlook senior dogs.  They often make the best pets.

And don’t overlook dogs who are overly quiet, scared, or keyed up.

Many dogs may be frightened and overwhelmed by all the excitement of all the closely caged dogs.

The key to a successful shelter adoption is a little research.  Ask the shelter staff about the dog you want to adopt.  They may have taken the dog for a walk or petted and groomed the dog.  The information they have will often be invaluable.

Take the entire family to the shelter to meet the new dog and ask if you can take the dog for a walk to remove the animal for the stressful environment of the shelter.

I have adopted numerous shelter dogs and they have been the best dogs I have ever had.  The good feeling you get from saving a dog’s life can simply not be beat.

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