Are Boston Terriers Good With Kids?

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Yes, they are.  I have had my Boston Terriers around kids many times.  My dogs are curious – sniffing and circling the children and then becoming playful.

Are Boston Terriers good with kids?  To answer the question again, yes, but it depends on the children and on the dog.  Some children can be difficult with dogs – pulling on ears and legs, picking them up by their front legs, you know the type.  Children must be taught proper dog etiquette.  And some dogs are not good with children.  Some dogs may be sick, older, or in pain and just want to be left alone.  The owner of the dog should caution parents of children that their dog should be left alone and perhaps put their dog in a bedroom or some other comfortable room.

 Boston Terriers make great companions for kids, especially the more mellow minded individuals who inherited their patient nature from the Bulldog. Bostons are very energetic and enjoy taking part in a lot of activities ranging from dog dancing to dog agility and obedience training.

However, playtime between Boston Terriers and very young children should be supervised. This bull breed is not as resistant to pain as its more robust cousins and should not be left unmonitored with small children (this is of course true for all pets in general and dogs in particular). Boston Terriers can only take so much, and if your toddler handles the dog too roughly they may eventually bite. Also your Boston Terrier can easily be hurt by childish play. Dropping them can quickly lead to a broken leg or worse.

Children also need to be told that their little buddy is not capable of prolonged strenuous activities in hot or very cold weather due to brachycephalic syndrome. However, they love playing with kids and don’t overheat as easily as a Bulldog, making for longer play time in the sun.

Boston Terriers make great playmates that crave mental stimulation and physical exercise. Boston Terriers have a strong desire to please and will be happy to take part in many of the indoors and outdoors activities that your kids come up with.

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Are Boston Terriers good with kids?  Yes, they can be – in the right environment.  Combine the right dog with the right child and you have a lifetime companionship that is unbeatable.

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