Bathing Your Dog – Revisited

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Bathing need not be a difficult situation for either you or your dog. In fact my pair of dogs just love their bath time.

How often you bathe your  dog actually depends on their breed. If the dog is hairy like a retriever, then the dog needs to be bathed at least every two months.  If these breeds are bathed too frequently, then the skin and coat looses its protective coating and oils.  I usually give my Boston Terriers a bath every month or so.

The first step is to prepare the bathroom. Lay out your shampoo and towels. Pull open the shower door or curtain.

The second step is to get the dog into the bathroom. I carry one of dogs to the bathroom and the other will follow me.

The third step is to get the dog into the bathtub. Often you will have to lift your dog in. I just pat the side of the tub and both my dogs will jump in.

The fourth step is to firmly grasp the shower head and point it away from the dogs.

The fifth step is to turn on the water. It should be warm but not hot. If you have bathed a baby before that is the right temperature.

The sixth step is to get the dog wet. With one hand, hold the dog’s neck, and with the other the shower head. Slowly wet the dog. Be careful not to get water on the dog’s face or in their ears. (I wash these with a damp cloth after I bathe them).

The seventh step is to turn the water off and put a small streak of doggy shampoo on their back.

The eighth step is to suds up the shampoo; work in slowly around their back. Next I wash the neck and front legs. Then I soap up the belly and back legs. Be very gentle around the dog’s genitals and tail. These are very sensitive areas. Scrub firmly. Be sure to not miss any areas.

The ninth step is to rinse. Rinse and rinse again. You do not want to leave any soap on your dog.

The tenth step is to let the dog out of the tub. Let them shake.

The eleventh step is to take a damp cloth and wash the dog’s face and ears. This is a very sensitive area so be extra gentle.

The twelfth step is to dry the dog with a towel. My dogs love this.

The last step is to let the dog out of the bathroom. My dogs run around like crazy. I usually take a bath next and rinse out the tub and sop up the floor.

Special note – Do not use shampoos or soaps that are designed for humans.  It can cause irritation to their skin and strip their coat of natural oils.  Use only shampoos and soaps designed for dogs.

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