Best Smaller Dog Breeds For Senior Citizens

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A dog can provide many benefits for senior citizens.  A dog can provide companionship, lower blood pressure, encourage mutual activities, enhance social events, and offer hours of fun and entertainment.

A little research on your part will help you find the best breed fit.  Dogs come in all sizes and temperaments.  The choices may seem overwhelming at first.  Look over the tips below and choose your dog only after a little thought.

Boston Terriers

The Boston Terrier is truly an American dog.  As their name implies the breed’s origin is in Boston.

Compact little dogs with few grooming needs.   They shed very little and are easy to bathe in a kitchen sink.

These little dogs love a short walk and lazy afternoons sunbathing.

Yorkshire Terriers

These petite little dogs are truly lap dogs.  Generally weighing less than seven pounds, they make an ideal companion with very little exercise needs.  The only minus to this breed is grooming.  Yorkshire Terriers require regular brushing to keep their longer coats silky and shiny.


These compact little dogs love a short play, a lazy afternoon of sunbathing, and a nap.  Pugs are affectionate and outgoing companion dogs.  This breed is best known for their prominent buggy eyes, short muzzle, and round heads with dark-colored masks.

Miniature Schnauzer

Intelligent and energetic companion dogs with friendly personalities.  They are excellent pets, very protective of their families and wary of strangers.  These little dogs love to please their families and need only a moderate amount of exercise.

In Conclusion.

I have provided you with four excellent choices.  By doing a little research before you make your final selection, you will find the best dog for your needs.

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