Boston Terrier Allergies

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Boston Terriers allergies can make them miserable.  They will dig, scratch, and chew on their skin till it becomes raw and infected.  Your Boston Terrier allergies may be easily treated at home.

If he’s itchy, smelly, flaky, or constantly trying to scratch or bite at his fur, you have a problem. These symptoms are signs that something in your dog’s system is out of balance.

When your dog’s immune system is under a lot of stress, your Boston may develop skin problems such as hot spots, rashes, yeast overgrowth, and bacterial infections.

Typically your vet will prescribe antihistamines, antibiotics, or steroids to treat your dog’s symptoms. However, these types of medicines modify and suppress your dog’s immune system− which is not always the best idea. Your goal should be to get your pet’s immune system functioning properly, without suppressing it.

With proper nutrition, bathing, and exercise, you should be able to restore your Boston Terrier’s balance … leaving prescription drugs out of the equation.

Keep The Infected Area Clean

If your Boston Terrier does have a skin allergy, scab, or infection, you should always keep it clean! His skin will heal faster if the infected area is kept clean.

Pets with Allergies Need Baths!

Despite everything you’ve heard about potentially over washing your dog, the truth is that animals that are prone to skin allergies need to be bathed frequently.

If your Boston is stinky, greasy, or dirty he needs a bath! It may even help a dog with irritated skin, to rinse them daily.

Choosing The Right Dog Shampoo

When you’re shopping for a dog shampoo, you should focus on the ingredients. Try not to get anything toxic!

Surprisingly, oatmeal shampoos are not good for dog’s with allergies either. Oatmeal shampoo is a grain-based shampoo … it may provide a carbohydrate food source for unwanted yeast and bacteria.

Never use human shampoo on your Boston Terrier! If you’re worried about how your dog will react to a certain shampoo, test it in a small area first.

Stay Strong! With hard work and following the advice listed above, you should be able to restore balance to your pup’s life in no time.

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I have had a Boston Terrier with allergies several times.  One of the most soothing treatments for immediate relief is giving your Boston Terrier a bath or more precisely a shower.  I use a hand held shower wand to bathe by Boston Terrier with allergies.

Here is my article on bathing your Boston Terrier.

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