Boston Terrier Dry Skin

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Summer is right around the corner and with comes Boston Terrier dry skin.  Your little dog is itchy and scratching at themselves.  They are just miserable and you don’t know what to do,  short of taking them to the vet.  Start with the tips from the article below and leave a comment if you have tried any of them and found them successful.

Groom your dog.

One session with a professional groomer can work wonders at bringing your dog back to the best he can be coat-wise and looks-wise. Plus, a professional groomer is keenly aware of dog skin issues… and remedies! So it makes sense to get your dog professionally groomed before you try other things.

Dogs actually have more sensitive skin than humans, and are often exposed to a variety of irritants in their environment. These grooming tips may help alleviate your dog’s constant itching. Brushing your dog daily will remove pollens, grasses, and other outdoor irritants.

Use a dog shampoo.

In some cases, using the wrong shampoo could actually cause dog dry skin. Bathing your dog too often also causes dry skin. Whatever you do, don’t use human shampoo on your dog! Human shampoos are formulated for humans.

Brush your dog.

The simple act of brushing your dog removes the loose hair and dander that’s accumulating near your dog’s skin. By clearing away the irritants that are trapped and hovering around your dog’s skin, you’re letting the skin breathe. At the same time, you’re also stimulating the release of your dog’s natural skin oils — which will make his coat healthier and shinier over time.

Change your dog’s diet.

Your best bet is to try a 100% natural dog food. (Don’t trust the name alone; check the list of ingredients to be sure.)  While better dog foods tend to cost more than the most popular store brands, they’re much better quality. And since they have no fillers and preservatives, your dog actually needs less of it in order to feel full.

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Of the four method listed above for Boston Terrier dry skin,  I have found that grooming or bathing to be the most useful.  In warmer weather, I usually bathe my  Boston Terriers about once a month.  That usually does the trick for curing their dry skin.


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