Boston Terrier First Aid Kit

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An emergency can happen at any time.  Last month the area I live in had a tornado.  Certainly unexpected this early in the year.  Luckily it did not hit our house, but if it had I was not as prepared as I should have been.  I should have had a Boston Terrier First Aid Kit with the items from below.

Those who have faced emergencies can tell you it is essential to get your first aid kit together and get familiar with first aid measures BEFORE you are confronted with an accident, emergency or sudden illness. Many situations require fast and correct action to prevent further injury, infection or death. So assemble a first aid kit now, so that you’ll be ready when your pet (or a human) needs immediate help.

Being prepared can keep a manageable incident from becoming health-threatening. It will reduce the chance of infection and further complications…reduce stress for everyone…cut recovery time…and empower you to effectively help. Being prepared can even make the difference between life and death.


Keep a first aid safety kit on hand at home and in your car. Take the one from your car with you when you travel with your pet.

Each kit should include the items listed. It might sound like a lot of stuff, but when an accident occurs, these items can help you save the health or life of an animal…or a human.

Waterproof Kit Container:
Write on the container, in indelible ink, the phone numbers for your vet, the closest emergency animal hospital, and poison control hotlines. Also list your own name, address and phone numbers.

Essential Vet and Contact Info:
Prepare and make copies of a list including:
Phone number for your vet, the closest emergency animal hospital, and poison control hotlines (such as the 2 listed in this tipsheet).
Your own name, address and phone numbers.
Your emergency contact person’s numbers, in case you are incapacitated.
The name, age, breed, sex, identification (such as microchipping information), and any health problems (especially useful information if your petsitter or emergency contact needs to call an emergency medical service about your pet).A copy of your pet vaccination records.
Photo of each pet in case it is needed for ID or other purposes.

Kit Supplies:

  • Scissors
    Tweezers (flat slant tip instead of the rounded variety)
    Sterile needle (to remove splinters and tick heads)
    Turkey baster or bulb syringe (for flushing wounds, force feeding)
    10cc syringe with no needle (for administering medications)
    Tongue depressor to examine mouth
    Rubber gloves
    Nail clippers
    Disposable safety razor (for shaving fur from around a wound)
    Towel (at least 2)
    Paper towels
    Blanket (the compact thermal blanket works well; uses include keeping an injured animal from going into shock)
    Bandanna and/or nylon stocking (many uses, including muzzling or securing a torn earflap)
    Strips of cloth
    Dog booties or little socks (to cover wounded paws or to protect so you won’t need to treat)
    3×3 sterile gauze pads
    Rolled gauze (for bandaging, stabilizing joints, making a muzzle)
    Adhesive first aid tape (in narrow and wide widths)
    Cotton rolled
    Cotton balls
    Bandages (including self-clinging or vet wrap and waterproof types)
    Vet wrap, which sticks to itself but not fur.
    Anti-bacterial wipes or pads
    Hot/cold pack
    Ice pack

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I usually put the items in a plastic storage container with a lid.  If you live in a warmer climate, do not store these items in your car if it outside temperatures exceed 70 degrees.  It can easily get to warm in the car and ruin many of the items.

So assemble your Boston Terrier First Aid Kit before you need it and you will be glad you did.

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