Building a Dog House

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Buying a dog house is expensive.  A good outside dog house can easily cost $300.  If you build yourself, you can put it together for around a $100, a savings of over $200.

The first step to building a dog house is planning.  You need to have the right size dog house.  If you have a puppy, you need to plan for the size they will be when they are grown.

The next step is deciding on the style of the house.  Do you want an A frame, canine duplex, hip roofed, English style tudor, insulated or not, or Mexican hacienda?

The next step is to purchase the plans for a dog house.  Excellent plans can be bought online and printed when you are ready to buy.  Make sure that any plans you get include a materials list.

What materials do you want to use?  Keep in mind the climate that you live in.  Some plans will recommend the use of cedar, some pressure treated pine.  Buy the materials that the plan suggest.  Make sure that you have everything that you need before you start to avoid future troubles.

Follow the directions in the dog house plan.  Be sure to use paint and finishes that are pet safe.

Be patient when introducing your dog to their new house.  Some dogs will naturally use the house right away and some may take some time getting used to the idea.  Sometimes the use of treats may be necessary to convince your dog to try the house.  Try feeding the dog in the house for further convincing.

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