Causes of Food Poisoning in Boston Terriers

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Every day dogs eat or drink something that they shouldn’t.  Some of these Boston Terriers will die if prompt and correct action is not taken.  The causes of food poisoning in Boston Terriers varies from weeds and flowers in your yard to household chemicals.  Do you know what to do if you suspect food poisoning.  The article below from puppy training at home will provide the much needed information you need to save your Boston Terrier’s life.

Dog food poisoning can be an extremely serious problem, which can lead to major side effects and in the worst case scenario, even death.

There are dozens if not hundreds of different items, both natural and synthetic that can lead to poisoning in your pooch. That means that for one thing it’s important to be as watchful as you can be, and as careful as you can be.

For another thing that means that when it comes to dog food poisoning one of the biggest problems is determining what the poison was. Different chemicals or substances will need very different treatments, and while some symptoms are easily recognizable, others are harder to distinguish between. This can make treatment more difficult and time consuming, and of course time has to be a primary concern when dealing with dog food poisoning.

Dog Food Poisoning

That means that anytime you fear your dog is suffering from dog food poisoning you should always try to quickly figure out what the problem was. Did some food get left out that the dog got into? Does your dog always sniff around in your yard near certain plants or weeds? Did your dog get into the garage where they could have been antifreeze spills or other hazardous and toxic materials? Determining the cause of the symptoms will enable treatment to be as effective and efficient as possible.

If your dog is suddenly struggling with dog poisoning you have two courses of action that can be taken regardless of the causes. The first is to, as described above, try to quickly determine what caused the problem. The second is to call a veterinary emergency center as soon as possible, and then to get down there as quickly as you can. When in doubt and when you don’t know how to react, that’s the fool proof way to go about things.

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As a child, I had a dog that nearly died of food poisoning.  She had consumed antifreeze.  Luckily we got here to veterinarian in time to save her life.  She recovered slowly and in the future we were more careful about the storage of our used antifreeze.

The causes of food poisoning in Boston Terriers vary so widely.  If you have had experience with food poisoning in Boston Terriers, share it us in the comment section below.

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