Choose a Boston Terrier Rescue Dog

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From past experience, I know that rescue dogs are the best.  I have had several and skipping the puppy stage is a definite benefit and so is housebreaking.  Choose a Boston Terrier rescue dog and you will have a loyal companion for life.

Rescued dogs are usually more than six months old, are housetrained, are past the chewing-everything stage, and are happy to be placed in a loving home. Many have been precipitously uprooted from a beloved family by some misfortune, and some have been abused or neglected and need lots of patience and tender, loving care to get past the trauma in their lives.

The initial adjustment can be difficult as the dog learns to trust again or for the first time. Separation anxiety, fear of noises, and attempts to run away are common. But once past the first few months, when the dog learns to depend on the kindness of his new family, the bond is forged.

Here are some points to keep in mind when choosing a dog.

If your time is limited, choose a dog that needs little grooming, minimal training, and only moderate exercise. (is the very description of a Boston Terrier)
If your budget is tight, choose a small-to-medium dog that needs little grooming and minimal training. (yep, you got it – the Boston Terrier is a small dog)
If you are an inexperienced dog owner, do not choose a large dominant dog or a dog with high energy level unless you are committed to six months of steady, patient, consistent training and a dozen years of daily walks of a mile or more. (again, fits the bill for Boston Terriers who generally think exercise is chasing a ball for 30 minutes or so and napping with their people is one of their favorite pasttimes)
If you have children or elderly people in your home, do not choose a large, dominant dog that needs lots of training and exercise or a high-strung dog that is fearful of high-pitched voices and childish shenanigans.  (Boston Terriers are very laid back and do not need a great deal of exercise)

 Choose a Boston Terrier rescue dog and you won’t be sorry. I recently had one Boston Terrier dog for over 9 years.  I have no idea how old she was when I got her, but she was truly the best dog I have ever had.  For more on this subject click here.

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