Christmas Safety for Boston Terriers

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There are numerous hazards surrounding the holidays that can harm or kill or your Boston Terrier.  The following tips will help keep your Boston Terrier safe for the holidays.

Poisonous Plants for Boston Terriers

Never allow your dog to nibble on or chew any of the following poisonous plants for Boston Terriers:

1.  Holly
2.  Poinsettias
3.  Hibiscus
4.  Mistletoe

I keep a little jar of jalpenos in the refrigerator and sprinkle a little of the juice on these plants to deter my Boston Terrier from tasting any of these plants.

Christmas Tree Safety for Boston Terriers

A Christmas tree and its decorations pose numerous hazards for your Boston Terrier.

The tree stand keeps your Christmas tree upright, but to be sure it remains that way after a playful Boston Terrier bumps into it, be sure to attach it securely to the walls with guide strings or ropes.

A scat mat which provides a short 3 second static pulse can deter your dog from approaching the tree in the first place.

Tinsel is very shiny and attractive to a Boston Terrier.  When ingested it can cause major blockages in the intestines.  For that reason alone, I have decided to leave it off the tree this year.

Electrical cords provide a unique hazard and can kill a small dog like a Boston Terrier rather quickly.  I usually spray them with Grannick’s Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle.  Another alternative is to lightly coat the cord with jalapeno juice.

Never decorate your Christmas tree with food.  That is just asking for problems that even the best trained dog can’t resist.  Keep candy canes and other holiday food items out of reach of your Boston Terrier and you will be glad you did.

In Conclusion

Your Boston Terrier’s safety around the holidays is important to you.  Follow these simple tips and perhaps my favorite tips is – keep a close eye on your Boston Terrier, hug them up close, show them that you love them.  The holidays are stressful for all of us, your Boston Terrier can help you relax.

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