Dog Water Dishes

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The finest water in the world will not help if it is placed in a dirty container.  Unwashed water bowls can harbor all kinds of bad organisms.  Water bowls should be washed daily and disinfected periodically.

Stainless steel bowls are the easiest to keep clean and resist scratches that can harbor bacteria, stoneware crock-style dishes are also a good option.  Purchase a good quality bowl and after it starts to look worn out and scratched, replace it.  Remember, that if you would not drink the water from your pets bowl, then neither should your pet.

One other consideration in quality is temperature.  Pets prefer cool water in the summer and room temperature water in the winter.  If you have an outside pet be sure to provide them with a heated water bucket or container.  Snow is not an acceptable form of water for dogs or cats.

Make sure you replace the water once or twice a day to ensure that it is clean.  If left in the bowl for more than a day, water will be a magnet for the growth of bacteria.  As such, you will replenish with fresh water and fill it up to the same level daily.

Water and sick animals

When a dog does not feel good, they stop drinking.  At the same time, fevers or other disease processes can greatly increase the animal’s need for water.  When these two occur at the same time, an animal rapidly becomes dehydrated.

Replacing lost fluids and preventing dehydration is one of the most important aspects in the treatment of all sick animals.  Try to encourage the dog to drink.  If the dog cannot be encouraged to drink, then the fluids are replaced through intravenous or subcutaneous routes.

Some diseases like kidney failure or diabetes mellitus cause the animal to drink more water and urinate more frequently.

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