Finding a Reputable Boston Terrier Breeder

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Finding a reputable Boston Terrier breeder may not be easy. How do you know the puppy will be healthy? Will come from good stock, free of genetic problems? You can’t unless you have found a reputable Boston Terrier breeder. Follow the steps below to find a healthy puppy.

You have searched the net and read a ton of information. Now, you need to find a breeder. When you are interviewing breeders, what should you look for.

Some of you may have already had a bad experience with a rude breeder. You should never feel uncomfortable

speaking to a breeder, and you should not feel as though you are being interrogated. The conversation should be

give-and-take. You ask questions, the breeder asks questions, and it should feel comfortable.

Each family has a different temperament in mind. Some want cuddly, others rambunctious, some laid-back, some independent, some very obedient. Each puppy is an individual, and it is important for the buyer and the breeder to communicate effectively so they can pick the right puppy together and that the buyer realize how they treat the dog has a whole lot to do with how the dog will behave.

Your breeder should keep you involved throughout the process. You’ll think of questions as you go along, and

you should not be afraid to ask. Even if you think it is a dumb question, you should feel comfortable enough with

your breeder to know that they will not get annoyed or mad because you do not know something.

Now, what should you ask?

No. 1-Do you require that my puppy be spayed or neutered?

No. 2-What is your worming schedule for your puppies?

No. 3-Do you vaccinate your puppies, and when do you do it?

No. 4-When do you wean your puppies? We prefer to let nature take its course. If a breeder has a set time for

weaning, we suggest that you look elsewhere.

No. 5- Along the same lines of emotional stability and health you want to ask this very important question. When

does my puppy get to come home? Our answer is always that it depends on Mom and the individual puppy.

No. 6-By this time, your prospective breeder will usually have already told you about the bloodlines and

pedigrees they use, and what testing the do.

While finding a reputable breeder is very important, I feel that it may be more important to get a puppy or adult Boston Terrier from a rescue group or another animal rescue group such as the humane society. I have rescued three dogs from a humane society and all have been some of the best dogs I have ever had. They were all adult dogs and all had been housebroken. Again, I highly recommend looking for a rescue dog first.

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