Finding Your Lost Dog

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Every year thousands of dogs are lost.  Many are never found again.  The tips below will help you get your dog back.

  1. Before your dog is lost get him/her microchipped.  Another great item is to place a good fitting comfortable collar with license or rabies tags around their neck.  The key is the collar is comfortable enough that your dog will not attempt to slip it off.  Both of these items will help any good Samaritan or animal control officer return your dog to you quickly.
  2. Locate a good picture of your dog.  Make several extra copies and write your name and telephone number on the back.
  3. Call up the local daily newspapers and radio stations.  Place an ad describing your dog and the area of town from which he/she was lost.  See if you can include a picture in your ad.
  4. Call all the animal shelters and humane societies in your area and in any adjacent areas.  Report your dog missing.
  5. Visit the shelters every day.  Take a picture of your dog with you and leave a picture with every shelter.
  6. Make posters with brightly colored paper and a picture of your dog.  Place them on street corners, convenience stores, near schools, and any other local gathering places.
  7. Visit the schools in your area and ask if you can place a poster on their bulletin board.  Kids get around to playgrounds and often walk to school.  They may be able to spot your dog.

Reward –

If your dog is located at a shelter or humane society, then pay the fine and any other fees.  Thank them.

If your dog is located by an individual, then give them a box of chocolates or some other similarly priced reward.

When your dog is located be sure to cancel the ad and take down the posters.  Arrange for your dog to get microchipped and buy a dog license.

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  1. Adelphia says:

    I’m impressed! You’ve managed the almost impossible.