Training Your Dog To Stop Jumping On You Or Others

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Before you change any behavior in your dog it is best that you know the reasoning behind it.

Why does your dog jump on you?

a.       It is a form of play

b.      It is an attempt at dominance

c.       It is a form of greeting.

If you answered “c” then you are correct.  Dogs are naturally pack animals and greet each other nose to nose.  When a dog jumps on you it is their attempt at getting nose to nose with you.  So jumping on you is a form of dog greeting and while acceptable in the animal world; when it involves humans it is usually unwelcome.  After all a jumping dog can knock a smaller adult or child over.  And the muddy pawprints and runs in our stockings are certainly unwelcome.

There are several solutions to this problem.  You can pick the best solution for you, but I believe that training the behavior out of the dog is the best solution.

The first solution is one that I mention here but do NOT recommend.  It can cause irreparable harm or injury to your pet.  So you may have heard this solution works, but it also maims your family pet.  So do NOT use this solution.  When the dog jumps on you, either stamp on their back paws hard (you can break their toes) or knee them in the chest firmly (you can break ribs).  And while this solution works, do NOT use it.  I hesitated in even talking about it here, but I am sure that someone has probably suggested it you before if this problem has gone on for awhile.  So do NOT stamp on their paws or knee them in the chest.  This is NOT the solution.

The second solution also works, but does not really solve the problem.  Remove your dog from the area before guests arrive.  You could put the dog in their crate, confine them in room (like your bedroom or bathroom), or restrain your dog with a leash.  All of these suggestions prevent the behavior from happening but can be tedious.  Every time a guest arrives you must remove the dog from room.  So correcting the behavior is the best plan.

Correcting The Behavior Through Training

Basically training the dog correctly is by making sure the dog gets no attention when he is jumping on you.  This needs to be consistent and all family members and visitors must be instructed on how to react to the jumping dog.

When the dog approached you or a visitor and starts to jump, instruct them to sit.  Give the dog NO attention if they jump.  Give them a treat if they sit.  Start this training with immediate family members and their reaction to the dog and then practice this with a friend or visitor that the dog has never met.  Remember, any reaction other than sitting gets ignored.

The dog is a pack animal and is seeking approval from it’s leader (you)  So ignoring the behavior is sending a message to the dog of disapproval.

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