Halloween Safety For Dogs

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Halloween is right around the corner.  Are you prepared for Halloween dog safety?  With these tips you will be.

1.      Walk your dog in the late afternoon before any trick-or-treaters are expected.  Be sure to keep a firm grip on the leash.  People in costumes may frighten your dog.

2.      Be sure that your dog has a well-fitting collar with ID tag and microchip before the holiday.

3.      Keep your dog in a back room and behind closed doors when you are expecting trick-or-treaters.

4.      Think about crating your dog while visitors are coming and going.  This will keep them both safe and secure.

5.      NEVER leave your dog outside while trick-or-treaters are out and about.  Kids may unknowingly feed your dog large amounts of chocolate, taunt your dog till they bite, or steal your dog.

6.      Put the candy up out of reach when not handing out.  Dogs are curious and will get into most candy dishes in seconds.

7.      Put the candles, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween items up out of reach of your dog.

8.      After people have settled back into the homes, let your dog back into the rest of the house.

Halloween is near.  Stay safe.  Follow these tips and you and your dog will survive yet another holiday.

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