Help Your Boston Terrier Get Over Anemia

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Anemia can kill up to 40% of Boston Terriers (diagnosed with the disease) depending on the cause.

A Boston Terrier diagnosed with anemia may need a lifetime treatment regime. Follow these steps to help your Boston Terrier survive.

Step one is to set up your home for your Boston Terrier. They will need to recover slowly. And need to increase their activities gradually. If your Boston Terrier normally shares your bed, you may want to lift them onto your bed for awhile. Anything that you can do to decrease their activity for awhile may help your Boston Terrier heal faster.

Step two is to give your Boston Terrier their medications as prescribed by the vet. Some of the medications, the vet may prescribe are drugs that are also taken by humans. To save some money on some of these medications, have the vet call your Boston Terrier’s prescription in to your local discount pharmacy. (Steroids which are commonly prescribed for this condition, can often be purchased for only $4 a month).

Step three is to follow-up with your vet for blood tests. Your vet will tell you how often. With my Boston Terrier, Rose we had to take her to the vet every 3-4 days for a couple of weeks. Now 10 months down the road, she goes every 3-4 weeks.

Step four is to feed your Boston Terrier well. Foods rich in iron will help build the blood back up. Examples that your Boston Terrier will probably like are:

  • Beef or chicken liver
  • Eggs
  • Spinach (cooked with scrambled eggs)

Step five is to give your Boston Terrier their vitamins as prescribed by the vet. Vitamins for Boston Terriers come in two general types – liquid and pill. My Boston Terriers generally take the liquid kind better if mixed with their spinach.

Tips & Warnings

Many Boston Terriers die from anemia.  Take good care of your Boston Terrier, love and hug them up close.

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