Holiday Foods That Can Be Dangerous For Your Boston Terrier

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The holiday season can a joyful occasion, but have you considered the safety of your Boston Terrier?  The holidays are full of dangerous situations for your dog – many foods are deadly.

Holiday Foods That Can Be Dangerous For Your Boston Terrier

Never give your Boston Terrier turkey or poultry bones.  They can cause choking in dogs the size of a Boston Terrier.  They are just the right size to block the throat of a Boston Terrier.  Also, poultry bones can break or splinter into sharp bits, which when swallowed can pierce your dog’s stomach.

Do not give your Boston Terrier more than a very small portion of gravy.  It is too high in fat and can pancreatitis (a serious and often deadly inflammation of the pancreas).  Excessively fatty foods can also cause stomach upset and gas.

Never give your Boston Terrier chocolate.  It contains ingredients that can kill a smaller dog quickly.  The worst chocolates are baking chocolate, cocoa, and any of the chocolate bars containing 65% or chocolate.  To put this in perspective, a large chocolate bar is just the right size to kill a Boston Terrier size dog.

Never allow your Boston Terrier to taste or drink any coffee or tea.  The caffeine can cause excess excitement, a racing heart, and can in larger amounts kill them.

Keep alcohol out of the reach of your Boston Terrier. Alcohol can slow the breathing and heart of your Boston Terrier and can kill them.

What can you do if your Boston Terrier eats or drinks something bad for them?

If the item is chocolate or alcohol, take your dog to the veterinarian immediately.  Do not hesitate, any delay could kill your dog.

If it is any of the other items listed above, watch your dog very carefully.

Do not leave them alone for the next several days.

Monitor the heart rate of your Boston Terrier.  The normal rate is 90-140.  A good way to check it out is to let your dog sit in your lap.  Place your hand on their chest and count the heart rate.  When relaxed the heart rate should be on the lower end (and nearer 90 than 140).  If too fast (and it stays that way after they are relaxed) see your veterinarian.

Here is a book I suggest you get for safe recipes for Boston Terriers by my friend, Sally Anne Cavanaugh.

You deserve the best and it gets no better than ” 101 Dog Treat Recipes“.  Not only will get 101 tasty recipes, but you will find recipes to:
1. Freshen your dog’s breath
2. Make a cake with icing for your dog’s birthday or other special occassion.
3. Easily make both chewy and crunchy cookies from the same recipe.
4. Make low-fat cookies for the overweight dog
5. Soothe the dog with diarrhea
6. Make simple broths that can soothe the upset stomach

The book also includes a special guide on the best vegetables for your dog.

A guide to the more than ten foods you must never feed your dog is included.

And much much more.  These recipes are so good you may want to eat them yourself.

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