Hosting A Party For Your Dog

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Preparation is the key to having a successful party for your dog and the dog’s friends.  Hosting the party can be great fun and the pictures you take will always be there for later laughs.

Your dog will not be able to understand what a birthday is, but they can certainly appreciate the toys, treats, and extra affection that usually occur at a party.

The first step is to decide on a date.  When this is done, you can send out invitations.

The second step is to clean up and dog proof the area you set aside for the party.  You may want to have the party outside.  Check the weather to be sure it will be okay.

The third step is to plan the menu and practice the recipes before you serve them to your guests.  Try them out and see if your dog likes them.  You may want to visit a dog bakery and order a cake.

The fourth step is to be sure that you have plenty of cleaning supplies.  Accidents happen.  So keep damp clothes, soap, paper towels, etc close at hand.

The fifth step
is to make goodie bags for your canine guests.  This gives them something to do before the cake is served.

The sixth step is make sure you camera is charged and is ready to take pictures.  You will enjoy these pictures for years to come, so take more pictures than you think you will need.

The last step is to have fun.  Be prepared for many doggy antics.  Again, remember to take lots of pictures.

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