How to Feed Your Anemic Boston Terrier

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My Boston Terrier Rose (a rescue Boston Terrier), became seriously anemic in January of 2008. We do not know the cause, but suspected it may have been her commercial dog food. So at least for a short period of time we would not be feeding her any.

There are many foods high in iron that would help rebuild her blood count so we decided to make her food from a combination of human foods.

The first step is to go shopping. We purchased beef liver and chicken legs and assorted vegetables/fruit.

The second step is to cook the liver and legs by boiling them for about ninety minutes.

The third step is to remove the meat from the broth and let it cool. Save the broth. Then debone the meat. Discard the bones. Store the mixture in a container with a good seal.

The fourth step is to add vegetables. To the broth add two cups of any combination of any of the following vegetables or fruit:

Green beans

The fifth step is to boil the vegetable/fruit mixture for 20-30 minutes. Store the mixture in a container with a good seal.

The sixth step is to feed the Boston Terrier about ½ cup meat mixture and 1 ½ cups vegetable/fruit mixture for each 20 pounds. Rose also required vitamins, so she got a dog multi-vitamin pill and a liquid baby’s multi-vitamin (with iron) once a day.

Over the course of the months, her anemia ebbed and flowed. Finally her anemia has nearly disappeared. We continue to have her blood checked about once a month.

The seventh step is to prepare a spinach mixture. Your Boston Terrier may not like this one so skip it if they don’t like it. Scramble two eggs and fry them until done. Add this to a can of spinach (drained). Give this to the Boston Terrier on occasion. This spinach mixture lasts my Boston Terrier, Rose about a week. Be careful not to give the Boston Terrier too much of this (it can cause diarrhea).

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