How to Not Surrender Your Dog

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Approximately two millions dogs a year are surrendered to animal shelters and over half of these were less than three years old.

Some of the reasons dogs are surrendered come be overcome with a little work, so that the dog can remain with their family.  Around forty percent of dogs are surrendered because of excess barking.  One in four dogs are surrendered because of chewing or housebreaking problems.  These along with most behavioral problems can be corrected with some simple obedience classes.  These obedience classes teach not only the dog but also the owner how to deal with problem behavior.  Obedience classes usually cost $50-$125 for a once a week/one hour class for six to eight weeks.

Another big reason that dogs are surrendered is moving to a house or apartment that does not allow pets.  Some shelters have worked with landlords in the area and helped establish contracts for dog owners for pet obedience class.  These classes are mandatory to keep a pet in these areas.  This usually results in a happier family and dog.  After all the family has committed time, money and effort to keeping the dog and correcting any problems properly.

Another reason dogs are surrendered is because of the birth of a baby.  This too can be dealt with.  In the months before the baby is born, acclimate the dog slowly to the idea.  Carry around a doll baby.  Take time with the doll.

When the baby is born, introduce the dog to the baby.  Reward the dog for proper behavior with the baby.  Small treats are good.  Be sure to dedicate at least a little time each day to just the dog.  Let them know that you still love them.

As a last resort, if you have a purebred dog, contact a breed rescue group.  These groups have networks that may be able to provide at least a foster home for your dog till a forever home can be found.

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