How to Prevent Your Dog From Biting

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Dogs don’t come with guarantees.  Nearly every dog will bite (yes, even yours) given the right set of circumstances.

You can reduce the chances that your dog will bite by following these simple steps.

Get your dog fixed. Spaying or neutering will reduce a dog’s desire to roam or fight.  And a dog that is being fixed will be easier to confine in a yard or house and be easier to control.

Properly socialize your dog. This doesn’t mean taking your dog to high class parties.  Introduce your dog to many different situations and people.  Take your dog for walk in the park, stroll through a neighborhood (not your own), car ride on the freeway.  Vary your routine with your dog.  Repeat as necessary until your dog is no longer nervous or jumpy in any new situation.

Train your dog. (Also an excellent opportunity for socialization). Find a good class. Ask around (your friends and veterinarian should have some ideas).  Involve the family.  Everyone who has regular contact with your dog should participate in your dog’s education.

Do not ever send your dog away to be trained. Only you and your family can teach your dog how to properly behave in your home.

Never allow your dog to chase or attack, even in play.  Your dog may not be able to tell the difference between a fun and play situation and the real thing.

Set appropriate boundaries on your dog’s behavior. Seek professional assistance any time your dog exhibits even one instance of dangerous behavior.  A qualified dog trainer, veterinarian or animal behaviorist may be able to help.  A professional may be able to correct the dangerous conduct, where you may not be able to.

All dogs can bite can bite with the right circumstances.  If you have followed these simple steps, you will reduce that chances that yours will be one of them.

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