How to Sponsor An Older Dog

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You just love dogs. Had one as a kid, but just can’t have one now. But you still just love dogs. How can you help an older dog enjoy their last days?

Easy, you sponsor an older dog. Many cities have shelters that take in just senior dogs. You can help. You provide funds that help take care of an older dog and they are adopted by a family that takes care of their direct needs. The senior dogs’ needs are taken care of by both you (financial only) and the adopted family (all other needs).

Step one – search the yellow pages for pets – dogs – shelters. Call one. Ask if they have a sponsorship program.

Step two – search the internet under the subject – sponsor an older dog. You will find several. An example of a program that I sponsor is in the reference section.

Step three – select one of the sponsor programs near your location and visit their facilities.

Step four – ask about their sponsor programs. Often you can choose between a single donation, adopting, sponsoring a single dog or several dogs.

Step five – visit the dogs. Try not to look the dogs in eyes. (As a dog lover, you heart will just melt and you will surely go home with one or more if you look them in the eyes).

Step six – look the facilities over real well. Are they clean? Do the dogs have adequate space? Do the dogs look like they are getting enough to eat? You need to know if the facility you are sponsoring is worthwhile.  One I recommend is Old Dog Haven at

Step seven – send money to the facility of your choice.

Congratulations, you should now feel better. Sponsoring a needy senior dog should warm your heart. Dogs depend on us for their every need, so let us take care of them.

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