How to Tell When to Say Goodbye to Your Dog – Euthanizing Your Best Friend

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This can be one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make in your life. Your dog has been your best friend for years. Their liquid eyes make your heart melt. Their antics have entertained you for hours on end. They have snuggled up to you when it is chilly. It is difficult to say goodbye.

How can you decide when to let your dog go? When is it time to euthanize your best friend?

You need to consider the dog’s quality of life. And what is quality of life for a dog?

Ask yourself the following questions:

o Is your dog in pain that is unrelieved by rest or medication?

o Is your dog eating normally?

o Is your dog still affectionate?

o Is your dog tired and withdrawals from normal activities?

o Can your dog still hear? See?

o Is your dog no longer housebroken?

o Does your dog whine or moan when they get up?

The decision to euthanize your dog is not an easy one. You look back and remember the days you enjoyed seeing your dog scamper around.

You remember the day you adopted your dog. Your dog’s eyes met yours and you were lost.

Keeping a dog is a big responsibility.

Your dog has depended on you for their every need. You have to feed them, walk them, and get their vaccinations (and other veterinary care).

Your dog has been your baby.

You should not let your dog live in pain (if medications and other treatments are ineffective). You have the ultimate responsibility to relieve that pain. I know that this not a decision to made with haste. But you must take the ultimate step and let them go if it is time.

Say goodbye and realize that feeling the loneliness, guilt, and mourning may seem overwhelming. These feelings just prove that you loved your dog.

There will never be another dog just like the one you let go.

You may feel like you have open wound – where your missing dog was. You look around and see that they are no longer lying in their favorite place. Their dog dish is empty. The leash hangs by the door.

It may seem hard to believe just now, but these feelings will pass.

Try honoring your dog in a special way – adopt another. Share the love you have with a new dog.

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