Importance of Water for Dogs

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Dogs can become easily dehydrated.

How to determine dehydration: A dog may be dehydrated even when drinking plenty of water due to medical problems, over-activity, heat or stress.  One way to easily determine this condition is to check for skin elasticity.  On the upper back just below the shoulders, using your thumb and forefinger, pinch the skin gently, lift up and then let go.  If the skin returns to normal quickly, your pet is absorbing enough water.  If not, encourage your dog to drink more water and call the vet immediately.

Puppies are easily over-watered.

This can be a serious problem when trying to housebreak.  What goes in must come out!  Therefore, puppies should be on a strict feed-water-walk schedule as soon as possible in order to successfully accomplish housebreaking and to establish normal eating and drinking habits.  You should not let a housebreaking puppy have unlimited access to water.  After the puppy is done eating or drink, the puppy should be taken outside immediately.  Be patient.  If the puppy does not urinate after several minutes, take the puppy back inside and try again after 5-10 minutes.

Water and performance

Water consumption is closely related to performance.  Dogs that drink during exercise stay cooler and are able to burn calories more efficiently.  One study showed that dogs that were given water during exercise increased working ability by 80%.


Water is the basis for life.  Give your dog free choice water of the highest quality.  Sick animals respond much better if properly hydrated.  Therefore, every time you turn on the tap for a drink of water do not forget to give your dog a drink, they are thirsty too.

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