Keeping Your Dog Secure In A Car

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As a nation, we love our dogs. Many of us treat our dogs just like they were our children. We take them everywhere we go and want to include them on our car trips.

1. Never let your dog ride on your lap. A quick stop could result in your dog being slammed into the dash. Or your airbag could go off and smash your dog into the seat or into you.

2. A dog crate can be an excellent method of keeping your dog both safe and secure. Put the crate in the back seat or on the floor in a van. Then place your dog in the crate.

3. There are specially designed pet seat belts. These usually involve a harness so be sure to get accurate measurements of your dog before you buy. Some dogs don’t care for seat belts but with some patience, this may be your best option.

4. Vehicle barriers. These are used to divide the front of the car from back and are installed behind the seats in a station wagon or SUV. This keeps the dog in the back of car.

5. Be sure your dog has up-to-date identification tags. Dogs sometimes become separated from their owners and with ID tags, they may be returned quickly.

6. Keep vaccination records in the glove box.

7. Pack your dog’s normal food. A trip is not the time to try out new foods and risk upsetting your dog’s stomach.

8. Give your dog filtered or bottled water. This may help prevent diarrhea or vomiting.

9. Pack several plastic bags to pick up your dog’s feces.

10. NEVER leave your dog in the car on a warm day. Any outside temperature more than 70 degrees can result in severe overheating inside the car.

While it is great fun to travel with your dog, often times the best place for your dog is at home. Find a pet sitter or neighbor to take care of your dog in the home.

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