Obedience training for high energy Boston Terriers

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Some Boston Terriers are very high energy and if not channeled correctly, will become destructive.  My Jack the Boston Terrier is very high energy at times.  It is necessary to play with him for 20-30 minutes with his ball or he will find something to tear up (my husband’s shoes are a favorite target).  So obedience training for high energy Boston Terriers is necessary to keep both Jack and us humans happy.

Whatever a pet owner decides to do with his high-energy dog, the foundation of control will be laid through early training that is a combination of socialization, teaching commands, supervising access to temptation, and playing games. So, some hints:

Give puppies plenty of opportunity to explore different surroundings, but only with a chaperone. It’s easier to guide a puppy away from stealing a child’s toy or chewing the pants pocket that held a candy bar if you are on the spot. Scolding afterwards is ineffective and expensive.

If you cannot chaperone, confine.

If you work all day, hire a neighbor, a teenager who likes animals, or a pet sitter to play with the pup about halfway through the day so that pent-up energy won’t spill over into the evening.

Make training a game. Recalls back and forth between people or around and between obstacles, games of fetch or hide and seek, elementary tracking work, etc. can not only channel a pup’s energy, they can help develop and cement the bond between dog and owner.

Make sure the pup has plenty of toys. Buster cubes (the canine equivalent of a child’s drum in irritation factor) are marvelous energy sappers as are Kong toys (especially when filled with a tough-to-extract treat), Frisbees, squeaky toys, and tug toys.

Join an obedience class. Take at least two eight-week classes so you can learn to channel your pet’s energy to acceptable level.

After basic obedience graduation, sign up for an agility class. Since agility is ultimately done without a leash, the dog must be under control to participate, so take an extra obedience class or work very hard on control at home before enrolling.

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Through trial error, we have learned to channel my high energy Boston Terrier by playing with a very large beachball that is rolled, bounced, chased, and bounced on Jack’s nose.  At one time, I thought that I would hurt him if I hit him when I threw the ball, but no longer.  He runs to get under the ball and loves to scratch at the ball when he gets it trapped in a corner or under a table.

Obedience training for high energy Boston Terriers may be necessary for some to prevent the destructiveness (like taken out my husband’s slippers), but Jack the Boston Terrier just wants adequate play (sometimes in the middle of night though).

Tell me about how you deal with your high energy Boston Terrier in the comment section below.

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