Canine Hemolytic Anemia

Our dog Rose, (a rescued Boston Terrier), became seriously anemic. We do not know the cause, but suspect it may have been commercial dog food.

Because I did not recognize her anemia quick enough, it almost cost her life. Perhaps by learning how to recognize anemia, you can save your dog's life.

Observation. The first step is to look your dog over good.

  • Look at their gums. Are they pale or yellow in color?
  • Is the tongue pale in color?
  • Does your dog act depressed?
  • Do they no longer jump up on the couch?
  • Do they act like they can't keep their eyes open? Like their eyelids weigh a ton?
  • Have they lost their appetite?
  • Do they lack energy?
  • Do they growl or snap easily?

Feel. The second step is to touch and feel your dog.

  • Does your dog's belly feel too warm?
  • Put your hand over their chest.
  • Does their heart feel that it is beating too fast?
  • Are they breathing with greater effort or more rapidly than normal?

Listen. The third step is to pay attention to their breathing.

  • Has your dog started to snore or are they snoring louder than they usually do?
  • If you recognize any of these symptoms, go to your veterinary immediately. Do not hesitate.

Quick recognition of hemolytic anemia could save your dog’s life. So act quickly if you recognize the symptoms in your dog.