Steps To Giving Your Dog A Pill

When my dog, Rose became sick we had to give her up to five pills at a time, twice a day.

Follow these steps to make giving your dog a pill a less traumatic experience.

Step one – wash your hands. Dry them thoroughly.

Step two – lay out the pills on the clean counter top.

Step three – two alternatives for this step. Choose the easiest one for you and your dog.

  • First alternative – open jar of peanut butter. Scrape finger on the inside of peanut butter jar, getting a good size globe of it.
  • Second alternative – get about a ½ teaspoon of cream cheese on your finger.

Step four – take your finger (with the peanut butter or cream cheese) and push it gently into the pills on the counter top. You should get all of the pills to stick to it. (I can get up to five pills with one globe of peanut butter).

Step five – lower your finger to the level of the dog and let them lick it off of your finger and the pills with it.

Tips & Warnings

Other alternatives to cream cheese and peanut butter include jam, honey, or yogurt.

Do not give your dog too much peanut butter. It aggravates the dog as they try to chew it up and their mouth sticks together.