Potty Train Your Boston Terrier

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Part of training a puppy is potty training to make them a canine good citizen.  A method to potty train your Boston Terrier is by using a bell.

Teaching your puppy to use a bell to tell you when it needs to eliminate will be extremely beneficial because it gives experience training your dog and saves lots of time, energy and stress compared to other forms of housebreaking. This form of housebreaking was derived from a man named Ivan Pavlov when he was able to classically condition his dog to salivate every time he rang a bell.

Get a jingle bell type of bell or bells from your local craft store. Hang them from a string. Using a hook or tack, hang them on the door jam closest to the opening side and low enough for your puppy to reach with their paw and their nose. Bells can also be hung from the doorknob using a shoelace or string.

Every time you take your puppy out, make him ring the bells and tell him to ring the bells to go outside and potty. Show him the bells every time he goes out the door and make sure they are rung even if you are doing the ringing.

You will be surprised when a few days later, you will hear the bells and your puppy sitting patiently by the door.

If your puppy doesn’t figure this out, try this method. Smear a little cheese onto the bell. If your puppy touches the bell, even if it doesn’t ring at first, immediately give the puppy a tasty treat. Repeat so the puppy knows that a treat follows the bell touching, then bell ringing. Finally, open the door with the puppy watching, and drop tasty treats on the floor on the other side of the door, so your puppy knows the treats are there. Close the door. Encourage the puppy to ring the bell, and then immediately reward the puppy by allowing the puppy to go through the door to eat the treats on the other side. Now your puppy knows how to get you to open the door and take him outside.

I just came across the article above from wikihow. 

I have never used this method before, but if you have, please take the time to write your comments below on your successes and failures with this method.

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