Prepare Your Boston Terrier For Their Stay In A Kennel

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You have found the right kennel for your Boston Terrier.  Now it is important that you prepare your Boston Terrier for their stay in a kennel.  You will want to make that your dog has the resources that need – special food, medications, leash, carrier, clothing, etc.  To be prepare your Boston Terrier for their stay in a kennel read the post from canismajor.

To prepare Sassy for her stay in the kennel

  • Her health check, vaccinations, and heartworm medication should be up-to-date.
  • Make sure she is flea-free
  • Teach her to sit before being petted or fed so the kennel helpers won’t have to worry about her darting out the gate or spilling the food;
  • Teach her to walk quietly on a leash if the kennel staff will take her for a walk;
  • Socialize her to the attentions of strangers, especially if she needs medication or grooming;
  • Make sure she’s accustomed to a crate in case she needs to be transported to the veterinarian or housed in a crate at the kennel.
  • If she has any health problems, is not reliably housetrained, hates men or other dogs, is likely to eat the kennel run, or has any other problems or idiosyncracies, you should alert the kennel staff.
  • If the kennel doesn’t feed the food you use, bring along a supply that will last ’til you get home.
  • A few basic manners won’t hurt, either. Sassy should sit and stay when asked so the kennel worker can open the run to give her food and water, pick up feces, or give her a pill. If she’s going to get a daily walk, she should be trained to walk without tugging on the leash. If she’s supposed to be groomed or get a bath before you get back, make sure she’ll stand quietly in the tub and won’t try to bite the groomer who trims her nails.

Dropping your dog off – On kennel arrival day:

Exercise Goldie before you turn her over to the kennel staff.

Leave the kids at home, put the dog in the car, and drive to the kennel.

Walk into the kennel office, give Goldie a firm pat, tell her you’ll see her in a week or so, and let her go. Hugs and tears stress the dog. She’s not going to forget you in a week or even a month, and she’s not going to hate you for leaving her home while you have fun.

More on this subject from canismajor

While the information in the post is certainly good, I disagree with the last statement – “she’s not going to hate you for leaving her home”.  My Boston Terriers sure like to hold a grudge for awhile that borders on hate, till I give them a treat when I return from a trip.

Prepare your Boston Terrier for their stay in a kennel.  This is very important.  You would hate to get 500 miles away and realize that you forgot to give the kennel your dog’s heart or anxiety medication.  Or didn’t leave the kennel the telephone number of your veterinarian.  So being prepared ahead of time will save both your Boston Terrier and you a great deal of grief.

Tell me about your experiences with your Boston Terrier at a kennel below.

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