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Happy Presidents from  Did you know that President Ford owned several Boston Terriers as a child?

Many of our other presidents had dogs also.

1969 – 1974 Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon owned 4 dogs
Spaniel named (Checkers)
Irish Setter named (King Timahoe)
Terrier named (Pasha)
Poodle named (Vicky)
When he entered the White House a member of his staff gave him the Irish setter as a present, he chose the name King Timahoe, which he named for the little village in Ireland where his mother�s ancestors came from. Richard Nixon.
1974 – 1977 Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford owned a Golden Retriever named Liberty who gave birth to nine puppies at the White House.
1977 – 1981 Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter gave a dog as a gift to his daughter Amy. The dog was a mutt who was named Grits.
1981 – 1989 Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan owned two dogs, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Rex and a Bouvier des Flandres named Lucky. The President was photographed being dragged across the White House lawn by Lucky in the presence of Margaret Thatcher. A very undignified image for the President of the USA. Lucky was sent to live in California leaving Rex by himself, the little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at the White House.
1989 – 1993 George H W Bush
George H W Bush owned a Springer Spaniel named Millie and her puppy named Ranger. “Millie”, the Springer Spaniel, was the subject of a book which has sold more copies than the autobiography of George Bush himself.
1993 – 2001  President Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton owned a chocolate Labrador named Buddy
The TV cameras once caught him relieving himself on the carpet! Buddy was barely in the White House a month before Newsweek proclaimed, �At last, a friend who can�t testify against him.�
2000 – 2008 President George W Bush
President George W Bush’s dogs include a Scottish terrier named Barney and an English Springer spaniel called Spot. Spot was named after Scott Fletcher, a former Texas Rangers baseball player. President Bush’s dog Spot has the distinction of being the only dog to live in the White House during two administrations. Spot was born to Millie, George H.W. Bush’s dog, when George H.W. Bush was President. Spot was given to his son George W. Bush who returned the Terrier to the White House for his term in office.

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