Reduce Flatulence in Boston Terriers

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Anyone who has ever owned a Boston Terrier, knows that they are famous for their flatulence.  And it sure is smelly.  How can you reduce flatulence in Boston Terriers and make them a better canine citizen?

While you may be able to handle that while out for a walk with your pooch or by a quick blast of air freshener at home, your dog’s flatulence can be a touch embarrassing if it happens when you’re with friends, in the car and similar. Even if it’s not embarrassing or your comfortable with it, your dog may not be.

There are things you can do to ease your dog’s flatulence and make your prized pet healthier and happier.

How can you combat dog flatulence

There’s more than one way to help your dog out if he has a bit of a wind problem.

Give him the best quality dog food you can. Perhaps a recognised, named brand rather than the “generic.” Same goes for kibble – only the best. Your dog will feel the better for it.

Don’t give him food you know has a reasonable chance of triggering a “wind problem.” We all know what that means…..!

Some dogs enjoy a spoonful of natural yoghurt as a little treat after their dinner. This can aid digestion and reduce the risk of flatulence.

If you dog does “wolf” his food he’ll be swallowing air as well as his dinner. Try feeding him on a “little and often” basis – the same amount of food as he’d normally have in a day but spread it out a bit.

Cut out or drastically reduce those little treats and leftovers from your dinner.

Walkies! It’s your dog’s favourite word. Man, how he knows what it means. Take your dog for regular exercise. He needs it anyway and it’ll help to keep his “insides” healthy as well thus aid digestion in general and reduce flatulence.

In closing – at all times have the best interests of your dog at heart. Consult a vet immediately if you have cause to think your dog is unwell, suffering and requires professional attention.

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One trick I have used for reducing flatulence in Boston Terriers is to moisten their food.  That slows down their eating and adds moisture to their food.  The wetter food increases its bulk and allows you to feed them less at one time, while still filling their bellies.

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