Safe Toys For Dogs

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Dogs need toys to stay happy and healthy. They are a necessity not a luxury for your companion dog. Toys provide entertainment for the dog and help them fight boredom. As a responsible pet parent, you have to make sure that the toys that they play with are safe to play with.

Dog – Proofing Your Home

Dogs will play with most anything that is left loose in the home, so it is your responsibility to dog-proof your home. You must remove dangerous items like string, children’s toy, rubber bands, socks, pantyhose, shoes, shoe laces, ink pens, pacifiers, and anything that your dog could possibly ingest.

Always keep your dog’s size in mind when selecting toys. Toys and balls that are too small can swallowed or become a choking hazard.

Some toys can be dog-proofed by removing strings, ties, ribbons, eyes, or any other small parts that could be chewed off and eaten.

Any toys that cannot be dog-proofed should be discarded.


Rawhide is one of the most popular materials for dog chews and is made from the hides of horses, cows, and other animals. It is usually manufactured foreign countries. The quality of rawhide may not be safe for use as a dog toy. It may contain insecticides, lead, arsenic, or antibiotics. All of these contaminants can make your dog sick or even kill them.

Many dogs chew on the rawhide just like it was food and eat the pieces that they break off. This can cause constipation when larger pieces are eaten and partially (or even completely) block the intestine.

Soft Stuffed Toys
Stuffed toys with squeakers may be dangerous. Your dog may chew open the toy and eat the squeaker. For this reason, never let your dog play with a toy with a squeaker without supervision. Take the toy up when you leaving the dog alone. And all soft stuffed toys should be machine washable.

Toy Safety
Toys are meant to provide fun and entertainment for your dog. Be sure to make sure they are also both healthy and safe. It is your responsibility to check the dog’s toys.


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