Should You Get Another Boston Terrier After One Dies?

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As you know that Rose the Boston Terrier died November 2011.  I still miss her.  I think about getting another Boston Terrier but it may be too soon?  Should you get another Boston Terrier after one dies?  Perhaps, yes, perhaps no.  Will the memory of my Rose, be lost if I get another Boston Terrier?  No, I don’t think so.

When or if you should get another pet varies with the individual and the choice is a personal one. Some people may want to find a new pet almost immediately. Sometimes they may have unrealistic expectations of the new pet, especially if they are getting a young, rambunctious animal after an older, mature one has died. Others need longer to work through their grief before they are physically and emotionally ready for another pet. In either case, we all know you are not replacing your pet, but finding another animal with whom you can share life. Some people may find it is just not possible for them to have another pet. You need to do what is right for you.

In general, you should give children some time before getting another pet. Getting a pet too soon may cause the child to feel guilty or disloyal, and they may have difficulty bonding to the new pet. The child may also think that if something happened to them, they would soon be forgotten and a substitute would be found. They need to understand that friendships cannot immediately be replaced.

After your dog dies, how can you decide? by Holly Nash, DVM in her article.

Ultimately, I have not got another Boston Terrier.  Rose’s daughter Prissy, has had health problems that I want to solve before I welcome another dog.  She had a non-cancerous spot removed from her leg and she is hobbling around.  My dog family is still only Prissy and Jack.

Should you get another Boston Terrier after one dies?  Only time will tell.  Time will heal my wounds of losing Rose the Boston Terrier.

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