Stopping A Dog From Eating Their Poop – Coprophagia

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When dogs eat their own poop (or any other animal’s poop) it is called coprophagia and is perfectly normal.  It starts with a mother dog that eats the poop of her young puppies. The puppies will often repeat this behavior and will often outgrow this.

It is a habit that should be discouraged and can cause serious health consequences and is really disgusting (especially in dogs like to lick your face or hands). Parasites can be transmitted through the eating of poop.

The first step to correcting this problem is to make sure that you do not overfeed your dog.  Doing so results in undigested food in the poop and makes it smell and taste good to your dog.

The second step is to promptly pick up the poop.  This reduces the temptation.

The third step is to trying using a leash when you take your dog out.  You pull him back when he tries to eat his poop and say firmly NO.  Redirect your dog toward another activity.

The fourth step is to put hot sauce or curry powder on his poop.  This makes his poop less appealing.

If these steps do not work, take your dog to the veterinarian.  Your vet can examine your dog and see if there is a physical reason why they are eating their poop.  If no reason is found, then they can prescribe a medication that can be added to their food to make their poop less appealing.

I know this is a rather icky subject but with the proper steps, poop eating can be stopped.

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