Tips For First Time Dog Owners

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Thinking about getting a dog? Worried that you haven’t thought this through completely?

If you have never had a dog before there is a great deal to think about.

If you share your home with someone else, do they want a dog too? Everyone in the family must really want a dog BEFORE you adopt a dog. A dog can sense when someone doesn’t want them and that will be the person they will most annoy in seeking petting or other forms of attention.

Have you considered size of dog? Smaller dogs cost less to feed. Bigger dogs may provide an increased sense of security.

Have you considered where you will get the dog? If you want a purebred, a good breeder may be your first choice. But have you considered specific breed rescue groups? Shelters and humane societies often have purebred puppies and dogs. A little research beforehand may provide with the opportunity to save the life of a dog at the shelter.

Have you done your research on a specific breeds health care needs? Some larger dogs may have hip problems and short or flat nose dogs (like pugs and Boston Terriers) may have breathing problems.

Have you made a list of supplies that you will need and added up the costs? You will need leashes and collars, dog bowls, food, biscuits, and treats, dog beds, clothing, and blankets, crates or carriers.

And if you have never had a dog before the list of their needs may seem daunting at first, but you will soon find that you are not just a dog owner but a confirmed pet parent. The furry little bundle you brought home will be the love of your life.

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