What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a BT?

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Having a Boston Terrier is great fun.  They are excellent dogs.  I am probably a little prejudice here as I have several Boston Terriers.

Advantages of owning a Boston Terrier:

  1. Dog owners are more fit.  A Boston Terrier has to be walked regularly.
  2. Owning a dog improves social interactions.  While walking the Boston Terrier, the owner gets to meet and interact other dog owners.
  3. Owners of dogs generally take fewer sick days and recover faster from heart attacks.
  4. Boston Terrier are generally not big barkers.  They usually only bark to alarm when someone is coming.
  5. Owners of Boston Terriers have lower blood pressure and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Disadvantages of owning a Boston Terrier:

  1. A Boston Terrier is a very clever dog.  They can be difficult to handle if not properly trained.
  2. Boston Terriers do not adapt well to extremes in temperature.  They don’t do well in either too hot or too cold environments.
  3. Boston Terriers are well known for both their loud snoring and flatulence.  If you have a Boston Terrier you will just have to learn to live with both.

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