When To Not Adopt A Dog

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A puppy or dog is nearly irresistible.  Their liquid eyes, wagging tails.  How can you not take one home?  There are times, when adopting a dog is not a good idea.

Gift. Never give a dog as a gift.  Even dog lovers may not be ready for the extra responsibility of time, money, and extra space.

Grief. Never get a person who has just suffered the loss of a loved one a new dog.  You may be wanting to cheer them up, but a grieving person may just want or need human companionship.

Grief. A person who just lost a dog may not be ready for another dog.  Grieving a lost a pet takes time.  Take that time and then think about adopting a pet.

Financial concerns. Adopting a dog takes some money.  Expenses such as dog food, leashes and collars, veterinarian bills, grooming, and training can really add up.  Examine whether you can really afford to adopt a new dog.

Time. If you travel a great deal, adopting a dog may not be right for you.  Dogs like to have companionship, someone to interact with.  You need to be there for the dog.

Current dog. Consider your current dog(s) before adopting a new dog.  A new dog may upset the hierarchy of your current household.

Size of new dog. Talk with your family.  A small rambunctious dog may not be a good fit with smaller children.  A large dog may not fit in a small apartment in the city.

In conclusion, consider these seven items before adopting a dog.  After all, as a dog lover, you will want the newly adopted to be a good fit for you and your family.

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