Why Do Boston Terriers Roll In Stinky Stuff?

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Your Boston Terrier has rolled in something dead and stinky; animal carcasses, feces, or other decaying material. And then they come up to you and want to be petted. Yuck! That is that last thing on your mind.

You just want to yell at them. Resist this urge. Your Boston Terrier is just doing something that is natural to them. Your job as a responsible Boston Terrier owner is to not allow your dog the opportunity to roll in smelly stuff ever again.

Boston Terriers roll in stinky things for a variety of reasons.

The first is after a bath. The shampoos and soap may smell pleasant to you, but smell awful to your Boston Terrier. So your dog will roll on the ground, carpet or floor in order to attempt to remove the shampoo or soap smell.

The second reason goes back further in your Boston Terrier’s ancestral history. That is to mask their own scent for hunting and so that they can sneak up on their prey.

The third reason is to advertise to their pack (and you are a part of their pack). They advertise that they have found something interesting and communicate by their stinky smell to their pack.

What To Do To Prevent Your Boston Terrier From Rolling In Stinky Stuff

It may be difficult to do, but resist the urge to scold or punish your Boston Terrier for their bad behavior. They are only doing something is natural to them.

Prevention is the best method to keep your Boston Terrier from rolling. And understand that rolling behavior usually diminishes as the dog matures.

The prevention method is simple. Keep a closer eye on your Boston Terrier when they are off leash. It is rare for any dog to attempt to roll while on the leash.

Keep track of when your Boston Terrier rolls. If it is immediately after a bath, try changing to an unscented shampoo.

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