Why Does Your Boston Terrier Lick You?

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Did you ever wonder why does your Boston Terrier lick you?  I did too, until I found the answer at mydogmagazine.

Ever wondered why your dog seems absolutely committed to the process of giving you a face bath with their tongue?

The first licking experienced by a puppy comes from its mother even before the pup’s eyes are open. Licking is used to groom the pup and, after feeding, to cause urination and defecation. It is doubtful that a young pup consciously considers licking a dominant behaviour.

However, the act of licking can acquire various other meanings to puppies as they mature and gain feedback from other animals (including people) they lick.

Licking another animal can broadly be classified as care-seeking behaviour.

How Can Licking Be Prevented?

Licking is a problem only when the owner is present. Therefore licking is usually easily stopped merely by telling the dog not to do it or by moving away and avoiding it. After a few days or weeks of this rejection, the problem disappears. However, this procedure does not correct the basis of the problem, that is, attempts to dominate the owner.

In addition to discouraging licking, the dog must be taught to respond to commands, and owner adjustments made if the dog is “coddled” or otherwise doted on. When it seeks petting or tries to dominate the owner, it should be given a simple command, such as Sit, and then petted briefly as a reward for obedience.

It is recommended that you use some intervening stimulus when the dog begins to pester you. Whether this involves introduction of a chewable toy that the pet is urged to fetch, or a sharp sound, the goal is to divert the animal’s mind off licking and onto something else. During the initial stages of correction, there may be seen many types of substitutional behaviour, such as whining, pacing or self-licking. If ignored, this behaviour usually disappears in a few days.

I generally don’t let my Boston Terrier lick me, but other members of my family do and even encourage it.  So, why does your Boston Terrier lick you, because they love you.  If you let your Boston Terrier lick you, tell me about it in the comments section.

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