How much water does my Boston need?

Water is one of the most important nutritional requirements of all dogs. A 10% loss of water in their body can cause serious illness.

84% of the body weight of a newborn puppy is water and 60% of a mature dog.

Water performs necessary functions in every body system. And yet it is often taken for granted.

On a hot day, an adult dog can easily become dehydrated in a just of a few hours.

Your dog needs water because:

  1. Water carry nutrients throughout the body.
  2. Lubricate body tissues.
  3. Produce milk in the lactating female Boston Terrier dog
  4. Combine new cell materials.
  5. Detoxify or flush out waste.
  6. Regulate body temperature. Boston Terriers cannot sweat so when dog pants it causes the evaporation of water from his tongue.

Dogs Get Water From:

  • Consumed water: Fluids drunk or eaten in food.
  • Metabolic water: Produced in the body by oxidation of protein, fat, and carbohydrate. This normally supplies about 10% of the daily water requirement.

How much water does your dog need?

Water should be available to your dog at all times.

A healthy dog should have a daily water requirement of 1 cup (8oz) per five pounds of its body weight. All of this water is not necessarily drunk. A water-rich snack such as a slice of apple contains water.

All water is not created equal.

Any untreated water can harbor bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Giardia is one of the most common problems acquired through untreated water.

Household tap water is considered very safe, though just as with people, water that is high in nitrates, iron, or magnesium can pose long-term health risks. Filtered water removes many of these elements and is best for your dog.